Gant Home Improvement started in January 1, 2004 as a small family business. As an 

owner, I worked with a licensed contractor for one year. In 2005 Gant Home Improvement LLC was Licensed and insured in the state of Maryland. In the past I have encountered various amount of bad contractors that were unable to provide good customer service. Throughout many occasions deadlines were not met, customer

service was unsatisfactory and prices were extremely high. As a customer I Looked for good customer service, therefore I started Gant Home Improvement to try and make a difference for families seeking home improvements. My goal is to make sure my customers are receiving the best quality service.  

1.)Offices In Washington, D.C. Virginia and Delaware within the next 6 years.

2.)Employ at least 50 employees.

3.)Clearing profits over $200.000 per.year.

Gant Home Improvement has a mission is to provide our customers with excellent service. Therefore all work will be performed in a timely manner, and customers will be offered reasonable prices. All employees are well maintained in a  professional appearance and environment on all job sites. Customers will also be provided with a free estimate.